Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Close to 900 miles this time. Great trip all around!

We had a great time the past few days meeting people in Indianapolis, Toledo, and Chicago. Thanks to everyone that came to see us, purchased a copy of OUR NEW LP, let us sleep on their floor, or recommended a place to check out in any of the towns. We had a great time and we hope to be back in each city soon.

Pick up a copy of our album at Luna Music in Indianapolis, IN and The Culture Clash in Toledo, OH

We're heading in to record our annual contribution to a local holiday compilation tomorrow. It's always free to download so we'll keep you posted on when and how to listen.

We'll also be playing an acoustic set Dec. 27 at Southgate House. It'll be our last appearance at the venue before they close down a few days later. IT'S FREEEEEE TOOOO! You have really no conceivable excuse to not be there, just saying.

Thanks for listening, spread the word,

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