Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Check these out!

A few FFN shows have popped up recently on this site:
We're excited to see that people have been listening and we hope you spread the word. We had a great first trip to Lima, OH and an equally awesome show at home the next night with our friends from Columbus, OH The Main Street Gospel. We also played with a Dayton band in Lima called The White Soots. These guys were wonderful players and people and have invited us back to Dayton to play with them on April 21 at Oregon Express.

We'll be at Galaxy CDs again March 18. Last time ruled, hopefully this time rules harder.

We're also making plans for a tour in May that will cover a whole lot of KY, IN, and OH. Likely some Michigan and Pennsylvania as well. Thanks for listening. Every time you buy OUR NEW RECORD Steven Tyler gets a new set of sucked in

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