Sunday, May 20, 2012

There Is No One In The Truck.

The tour had it's share of hiccups, but hey, it is rock and roll and overall it was our most successful trip to date! We won't burden you with negativity of any sort, and we don't need to because the awesomeness that we encountered this week far outweighed any kind of setbacks. Big thanks to Trace at Beatniks, Sam at Phantom Note Productions and Fireside Bowl, Donna and everyone on the staff at Tiger Room at Calhoun Street, Kate, Travis, and Pepper at Avalon Bar, Danny and Kyle at Revolution Collective, and to everyone of the volunteers and supporters of the Cincinnati Lab Rescue. Also, a huge thanks of course to each and every one of the folks that came out to listen and who bought our LPs, shirts, and CDs. We may not have got all of your names, but we certainly couldn't have done it without you.

We'd also like to thank all the stores that stock our records:

Culture Clash (Toledo, OH)
Neat Neat Neat (Ft. Wayne, IN)
Luna Music (Indianapolis, IN)
Groamy's CDs and Tapes (Lima, OH)

and of course, the one and only SHAKE IT RECORDS (Cincinnati, OH)

A special thanks goes out as well to Mama Lust, and to all our friends and family for support. The best part of being in a band is the people we meet along the way. We're all in this together folks, we hope you're enjoying the ride as much as us. Please do what you can to support all the places we've listed here. They've been super good to us and we want you to have a chance to see what we have. And we were saving a special treat for last, the sensational and great Heaven's Gateway Drugs.

See you all soon, somewhere far away.

Much obliged,

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