Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A little break followed by Dayton Music Festival.

Hey there folks. Thanks for a great summer all over the place. At home, in Dayton, Chicago, Lima, Toledo, Ft. Wayne, Marion, Lexington, and at the legendary Whispering Beard Folk Festival (where we remain NOT a folk band), we made a lot of friends and played a lot of great shows. We'll have the next month or so off until a gig at Canal Street Tavern as part of the Dayton Music Festival on Saturday October, 6th. Dayton may just be the best city we've ever encountered to play rock and roll music in, and Canal Street Tavern is a place that has housed endless nights of great tunes. We're currently participating in documentary being produced all about the band and are excited to see how it turns out. Check out some of the productions the filmmakers have been part of already here. We're also likely to be playing Cincypunk Fest at the new Southgate House in October as well. We're waiting for official details and we'll post them once we here. Tell a friend to buy a record and we'll see you in October.

Much obliged,